Inspiration & project

The details make up the whole

      And it's the details that make the difference between the good and the great. Our furniture is made in the classic way of making, it is made of pure natural materials. The passion for this old craft is always a driving force - for works that last for generations
      Pure wood gives it a special feeling and it is exactly a feeling we so appreciate. Old carpentry techniques give a very strong construction and appearance of incomparably high quality. Long lasting furniture that is made to be restored as needed. Oil Wax and water stains and varnishes very durable suitable for all types of indoor and non-toxic paint.
   All of these techniques are based on the species of wood that are present in our country and which should protect our forests and distant landscapes, the nature of the environment in which we work and live. Each tree must grow for at least 50 years and give us oxygen purifying the air, water, earth and only then at full maturity will discover the secrets of beautiful patterns of the years, colors, scents embedded in every piece of our furniture
   Our furniture production is under the supervision of craftsmen and customer ordering. This means that except for smaller pieces of furniture, there is no stock left, and the furniture is only made when ordered - therefore, it can be co-creator of your new furniture.
    With us you can find truly appreciated gifts for all occasions that enrich the space and our lives. Tips, drawings, examples ... we can help.