Wood massif - walnut, ash, beech ...
Fabrics - cotton, linen, silk ...
Ceramics - porcelain, ceramics ...

   We use only natural materials of domestic species of wood, such as; walnut, ash, cherry, beech, etc.
   Walnut - dark brown with almost black lines of years growing, very hard and long-lasting wood, heavy weight and beauty, especially in large pieces of furniture.
   Ash - bright yellowish color with gentle transition to golden shades, firm and elastic wood that makes the furniture visually light and elegant.
    Cherry - with gentle growth rings, pink-pudding colors that when it gets rubbed goes up to dark pink-brown. A gentle but durable and long-lasting species, the favorite for maidenish furniture i in our tradition.
    Oak - yellow-light brown, heavy and durable, uniform structure. Its seriousness and elegance was especially used in furniture making.
   Maple - light yellow creamy type, light cheerful and widely usable.

  Finishing and protection are natural oils and waxes. A special recipe for bees wax and various oils of flax, olives ...; changes the color of the tree to a few shades, but protects it from moisture, fungi, insects. You can find them in our store.

   Additional details for the interior are made of natural fabrics,  cotton, linen, viscose and silk. The stone that we implemented  is Arandjelovac marble, limestone and others. But the details of the applied arts such as porcelain, glass, ceramics are from our artists and craftsmen.
   All pieces are handmade as unique or in small series.


Our furniture is mainly made in our workshop in Belgrade. In this production there are many steps that affect the final appearance of each piece.

At the beginning, great attention is paid to selecting the material from which the pieces of furniture will be made. All our species of wood are taken and each piece is sorted separately, as if processing in each piece of furniture came from one trunk, for the texture to be uniform. We like to mix wood types that complement each other as well as other materials, glass, stone, leather, textiles. In some pieces, we use only first-class pieces of wood, but in others we like to use pieces with  imperfection that appear on the tree as an aesthetic element in the pieces of furniture in order to highlight the natural diversity and beauty.

All pieces are handmade. Surface protection is manually applied oils and waxes or ecologically best water stainIn assembly we use the oldest known joints as well as the latest technological solutions of joints. As well as production, assembly and packaging is environmentally friendly,  cardboard and paper ...


All wooden parts are washed only with a cloth slightly soaked in soap and water, down the fibers of the tree. As wood is a living material sensitive to shock, moisture, temperature changes over time, it should be periodically re-coated with oils and waxes in the direction of the wood fibers. In case of technical damage you can contact us to see if we can restore the old look and shine to that piece of furniture.


 All wooden parts are maintained by washing only with a cloth of slightly soaked soap and water, strokes in the direction of wood fibers. As wood is a living material sensitive to impacts, moisture, tenperature changes should be occasionally covered with oil and waxes in the direction of wood fibers. In the event of technical damage, you can contact us to see if we can get back the old look and the glossy piece of furniture..

Bags are made of paper, fabrics ..
Cardboard boxes
Paper bags

Decorations made of fabric, paper and other materials

Following the ecology, all our packages are made from recycled materials that not only protect the items that are being purchased, but we also enhance them with decorations from fabric, details from nature, etc. They can all be easily recycled and do not pollute the environment.