Perhaps they are not the most important things in our homes, but new technologies have come that can change them, the charm and beauty of detail just complement our space to be more comfortable, more personal.


Kitchen & table

Large, small, kitchen, dining, coffee, tea, club and any other table is an important place in our lives. Through the times and civilizations, customs were changed about the table, and they are always a great inspiration.
Returning to nature and healthy eating, preserving the flavor, fragrance and the best look and service we gave new ideas of dishes and cutlery.
We love wood, glass, porcelain, ceramics. These are some suggestions



Cotton and linen are the basic materials we use. There is still a noble plush and silk that makes our homes more comfortable and softer. Pillows, tablecloths, bedspreads are handmade.



Light provides every room with atmosphere, style, visibility..

Lamps, chandeliers made of wood, fabric, glass, parchment with applications of stone, ceramics, glass.