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Studio and workshop 

   The creation of the Lare design studio  from several decennial workshops for furniture production has conditioned the three founders' love, love for nature, craftsmanship and modern design.
   We want to affirm the ecological awareness and interior aesthetics that would be adapted to the modern man. We found inspiration in nature, contemporary art and minimalism.
   We try to interpret the furniture in a new way, which sometimes comes to our place for restoration, to integrate textiles, ceramics and painting into our vision of modern space.
   All of our products are handmade from natural materials unique or in small series.

      We use only natural materials of domestic tree species, such as walnut, ash, cherry, etc.
   Finishing and protection is with natural products such as oils and waxes. Elements that are added as details are made of glass, stone, leather, ceramics.
    Everything is handmade, both unique pieces and small series. They are easy to maintain, only with oils and waxes that you can order with us.